A story of liberated love

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As the oldest son, I grew up burdened with the expectations of my parents about what it meant to be a boy and a man. I was taught to believe in the fallacy of perfection, and pressured to be a shining role model for my siblings. …

Uncovering a familial fellowship of alcoholism and recovery

I heard you were a Friend of Bill.
A 1960-ish, Katonah, NY, in the flesh friend. Of Bill W.
I imagine you sipping coffee in his living room.
Could you see your taut smile on my face sipping tepid coffee in poorer spaces?

You were PopPop.
White, messy mop. Honking…

I ran through life. Then I discovered the gifts of the Present: Truth, Faith & Love

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I respect runners. I admire how they feel pain and push through it. A runner may dream about the finish line, but every stride is a jolt back to the present moment.

I’ve been running my entire life. But instead of connecting to the present moment, I was escaping from…

An homage to salad

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Because it is complete. Because it delicious. Because vitamins ABC. Because iron and calcium, niacin, riboflavin, potassium and pyridoxine. Because protein. Because fiber. Because fat.

Because variety — I am the master mixer before my culinary soundboard:

Because Monday delighted with a sprinkling of fried onion bits;
Because Tuesday, a different…


Newly Liberated Seeker. Father of 3. Expat in Europe. Reformed Mad Man. Determined Writer. One day at a time. Truth will set us free.

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